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The concept of Home Staging is a series of techniques that allow you to enhance a home and give it a more attractive look for potential buyers.

The aesthetic presentation of a house is taken care of, it is prepared in a certain way, using resources of decoration, to make it more attractive and thus to sell it faster. Home staging literally means a "staging" of the home.

Coming from the U.S. thirty years ago and considered as a common practice in many European countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden or France, here can be considered as a relatively new technique that is growing steadily.

Why use this technique to sell a home?

For two main reasons:

To attract as many people as possible interested in the house.

To avoid cuts in negotiation.

"The objective of Home Staging is to condition a home so that it is sold as quickly as possible and at the best price"

What is Home Staging?

Home staging consists of:

- De-personalising - Tidying - Emptying - Cleaning - Repairing - Organising and harmonising the space. In this way, the strong points are highlighted and the weak points of a property are minimised. Therefore, it is not a question of hiding defects, but of fixing them. Nor is it a question of decorating the house, since the decoration is very personal, but rather of turning the house into a neutral and welcoming place in which the majority of visitors feel comfortable.

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