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With the aim of providing you with everything you need to buy safely, at U10 HABITATGES, we have designed our services based on your specific needs, always prioritizing your satisfaction. From real market property valuation for sellers, to mortgage advice for buyers, including accompaniment before notary public for all our customers. Everything is designed to make buying or selling easier for you.
House valuation

Property Valuation

The first step when selling a property with assurance is having a real valuation of its market price. It is not just about comparing the area it covers with that of other surrounding properties that are on sale at the same time.

In a real valuation process, many other factors that make your property uniquehave to be taken into account. Because no two houses are the same, it is essential that the valuation is as accurate as possible in order to avoid further disappointments.

Therefore, if you would like to know the real value of your property, you should contact us. Our agents will help you and put theirexpertiseat your disposal. This service has no cost and is always tailored to your own interests.

Mortgage management

Mortgage Management

U10 HABITATGESis in direct contact with the main banking entities offering mortgage services.

We offer our help to you,our buyer clients, during mortgage management so that you can choose the most convenient one for you. At the entities we work with, you will receive personalized guidance and attention for your peace of mind.

All our customers will benefit from comparing several options.

Company to the notary

Accompaniment Before Notary Public

We will be by your side at the most important time for you, as part of ourbuying and selling management and control services.

People usually imagine the signature before notary public as a tense moment. With U10 HABITATGES at your side everything changes to become an emotional and enthusiastic moment. Because our experience is crucial for everything to be perfect.


Legal Advice

U10 HABITATGES has a law firm that, in addition to supervising all salestransactions for you, is available to our clients should they have anyprecise legal inquiries regarding the current purchase and sales operation.

All our properties have a Simple Note from the Land Registry so that charges can be checked. With this documentation, together with the latest agreements from the homeowner association, the Technical Building Inspection (TBI) and the Certificate of Occupancy and the Certification of Energy Efficiency, we can guarantee that the property can be marketed.


After-sales Service

With us, things do not end when you have already signed before a notary public. U10 HABITATGES does an after-sales follow-up, for instance, to transfer ownership of the supply contracts or to communicate the change of ownership to the homeowner association manager.

We also ensure compliance with the after-sales agreementsbetween the two parties. Because with us you are never alone.

Personal Shopper


U10 HABITATGES has an architectural advice service, which will allow you to make the renovations you want in the home you have bought or make improvements a reality if you want to sell. We also process certificates of habitability and energy certificates.


Study of spaces

At INSIDE, Espais Personalizados SL, we specialize in decoration and organization, we help our clients to express and feel their identity through the spaces they inhabit. We try to create a coherence between who you are, what you like and what excites you so that you find well-being and feel connected to you and your space.

We have found that many people feel that they lack something in their home, warmth, tranquility, peace, which is why we focus on getting to know the customer, and help him connect with order, harmony and beauty that your space requires.

Contact us. We are glad to help